Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Weekend Hike

We went out to Red Rock Canyon this weekend and did what we thought would be some quick, easy hiking… turns out there’s only one way onto and off of the canyon that doesn’t involve leaping to your death- something we clearly hadn’t brought the right equipment for- so we spent quite a while just wandering.  I took a pretty awesome fall that has resulted in a bruise on my hind-side and I got stung by something, but it was very pretty and we got to have some fun together at least!

At the trailhead:


Rapelling pleateau:


A good view of the opposite side of the canyon wall and the pond:


Taking a quick break:


Realizing we might be lost…


He’s got his phone out… yep. We’re lost…


Trying to decide whether making the jump is worth it….


Look who found an exit! See that little flash of red? That’s our car! Perfect!


So that was our little day trip. It was our first time to the canyon and I don’t think we’ll be returning even though we really did have a lot of fun being lost together!  Sometimes getting lost is the best part… as long as you’re with someone you love!



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Mel said...

Did you find the area that was like a smoothed out rock slide?? Weeeee!

Glad you had fun and found your way back!!