Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goal update

Last week I posted my Four (well, five) Simple Goals- a challenge by Elsie to make life just a little bit better every day. I’m back with a one-week update to tell you what I’ve accomplished! 

1. Take pictures every week: Still working on this one. I took tons of photos for the shop update, but haven’t quite gotten the hang of remembering to capture the small things… although I did whip up some of these this weekend and had to snap a photo:

2. Practice a more regular sleep schedule: I can proudly say that I have been quite successful at getting up at 6:30 every morning! It’s the going to bed earlier that’s getting me. I always want to stay up and whisper with Bear! We’ve got to get a handle on that :)

3. Visit a new local restaurant or shop every week. WINNER! Last week Ryan and I had a delicious Truffle Shuffle pizza from The Wedge, and yummy cupcakes from Cuppies and Jo!  It felt so good to be in such a hospitable, loving environment. You can tell the people who work and own these places are really interested in bettering OKC and really love their patrons. We’ll definitely be back to both places! We also drove through Live on The Plaza, but were unable to stop as we had a movie to catch! (p.s. if you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, you should. It was super cute!)

4. Work out four days a week: So far so good. I had to skip last night, as we usually have Community Group on Tuesdays, but I’m hoping to jump right back onto the track after work today!  Weird that I’d rather look good on my denim leggings for fall than my bathing suit for summer?!

5. Audition for a musical. Fail. Not for lack of trying! I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone at Poteet Theatre to find out when auditions are! I hope haven’t missed them. Regardless, I’ve been perusing my music collection and choosing songs.  If anyone knows when auditions are, hit me up!

So that’s the update! How are you guys doing? Leave me a link to your goals! I’d love to see!




ImplausibleYarn said...

So far so good! Break a leg on the auditions. I know how you can feel in limbo just waiting to find out if you even can audition for something.

lauren verity said...

congrats! i didn't right my goals down, but a big one has been getting more organized, scheduling things, then actually doing them:) i'm one step closer to that one, i ordered a day planner yesterday, haha:) now lets see if i use it when it gets here!

Eva said...

I love your number three goal, I would love love to do that, but it's hard when you've just put yourself on a strict budget :(

Nicole Ioma said...

I love that you posted an update!! I still haven't thought of my goals yet, I'm a little behind, but I will. Seeing your update is even more motivation to get going!