Friday, August 6, 2010

good to see you, Friday.

I’m feeling less than inspired, today. (Although I do love the mixture of patterns in this photo!) Allergies have taken over my body. Anyone else in the same boat? Bear’s were so bad that he had to go get an allergy shot for the first time in his life! It doesn’t help that the heat is in the triple digits.  I just feel TIRED!

Good thing the weekend is finally here! I’m heading up to Tulsa to see some former cast mates and a show in which we all used to perform. It should be super fun. Hilarity will ensue. This weekend, we’re tiling the bathroom! (knock on wood) Pretty soon we’ll be ready to FINALLY install fixtures and faucets. Can. Not. Wait.

What are your weekend plans? Any home DIY weekend warriors out there?




Brianna! said...

LOVELY photo

Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

Ahhh update us on the tiling! Cant wait to see! and you guys are adorable, as always!