Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a secret flub from our wedding day

Want to know one of my favorite stories from our wedding day? It happened the morning of our wedding while we were setting up for our reception at my Nana’s house.  We needed to move the cake out of the box and onto the counter, so of course, Ryan (with all of his rippling muscles) was the man for the job. Except at the last second, as he placed the cake onto the counter, his finger slipped right into the front of the cake! Oh he felt soooo bad… We had to stifle our giggles as sheer panic flashed across his face! We told him not to worry about it and my mom and Nana fixed the cake as best they could, but it really didn’t matter. I loved the pictures of the cake with the icing messed up because it meant I could remember that little story forever.


:) I love that man… even if he dug into the cake too soon!

Did you guys have a theme for your wedding? Did you have any mishaps? (We had plenty.  Including the rain that moved our ceremony and reception inside!)



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Mel said...

Although....rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck!!

Bet Ryan was shocked that snickering ensued instead of Bridezilla attacking. NOTHING could have spoiled that day!! It was just too joyous!